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The Cross Agency

Like many companies that move into a space without renovating, the space does not always function like the company does.  Once Hota Design visited the Cross Agency’s space, “we felt that they were a very creative group confined to a box.”  Located on the 16th floor of a high rise in downtown Jacksonville, the space had amazing views, but these views were limited due to lots of interior walls and broken up space.  The work flow could be improved and seeing that they are a collaborative bunch, the concept of an open floor plan was discussed.  Being that this was a renovation that had to be done while the company stayed operational, Hota Design worked closely with the Cross Agency and the general contractor selected to phase the renovation and limit downtime.   Hota Design and the team at the Cross Agency decided to eliminate certain walls, reconfigure the work flow and layout and capture the 16th floor views.  New workstations and finishes completed the renovation and the result was success!