5 Loaves 2 Fish

5 Loaves 2 Fish is a mobile food truck that was looking for a brick and mortar location near the urban core in Jacksonville, Florida. The diversity in their menu lead to the eclectic design of their space, which included cafe style and family style tables, booth seating, tables for four to six people and a lounge area to enjoy morning coffee. Their new location, with its floor to ceiling glass windows, captures the serene view of the St. John’s River with the hustle and bustle of Downtown Jacksonville in the background. A primary focus in the design of their new space was to capture these views and to allow the warmth of the surrounding environment to enter the space.

The introduction of a low stepped wall wrapped in reclaimed wood was incorporated to break the space up without sacrificing the surrounding views. Incorporating bar height tables and stools to the high side of the wall allows individuals to sit and still admire unobstructed views to the river. The low wall along with the booths and furniture selected are entirely re-configurable and can be broken down and relocated if the space were to be used for a large catering event or party. Versatility within the space was key with this project. The use of reclaimed wood and LVT in natural tones and various carpet tiles were used to capture the natural Florida landscape; trees (the reclaimed wood) meet up with ground cover (brown tone carpets) which butt up to sand (lighter tone carpet) and water (blue green carpet) and so forth. All these elements interact together in a harmonic way like ingredients in fine cuisine.

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