SMPS Bike Rack Design

Hota Design was contacted by the San Marco Preservation Society to help them come up with a new idea for a bike rack.  The challenge here was that they did not want the bike rack to appear or resemble the typical bike racks found in the urban city or suburbs.  They wanted something custom and unique, something that blends in with the surroundings and is not overly bulky or intrusive.  Inspired by the foliage seen around the area, Hota Design came up with the “grass leaf”.  Having three different heights and loops to attach bike locks, this inconspicuous design can be adapted to many urban or suburban settings and can stand as a single cluster or several together.  This bike rack design was also created to incorporate a small LED light at the tip of the leaf pointing down towards the base.  On the base, inscribed are the names of donors who helped fund this project.  Currently, Hota Design is looking for a metal fabricator who would be willing to construct a prototype of the “grass leaf” bike rack.  If anyone is interested, please comment on this post and send us your contact information. Even if you are not a fabricator, comment, let us know what you think…..Click on the image to view it larger.

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