HOTA – Pronounced Hó-tah

Over the years, we have been asked about the name of our Studio and its origin.  Well, let us shed some light as to where the name “Hota” came from and how it came to be.  Being a newly developed Interior Design Studio, we wanted to create a name for our business that was unique enough to stand out when people were looking for us and easy enough to say.  Having our last names be part of the Design Studio was never a thought.  Although we tried a few things with our names, we felt like this is often done and was too common of a conception.  We wanted to have a name that we can both relate to and yet still be something only we would have.  After a few days of brainstorming, we came up with the name “Hota“.  Pronounced (Hó-tah) in English, it is derived from the Spanish word “jota” which stands for the letter “J”.  For those who might have forgotten Spanish 101 back in high school, the letter “j” in Spanish sounds like “h” when pronounced.  Being that both Jose and I are of Hispanic descent, we tied back to our culture and settled with what you now see.   Say it with me now, Hota Design Studio 🙂

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