Hello Smooth Med Spa

Located in St. John’s, Florida, this Med Spa is your one-stop shop for Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetic Injectables.  The space, although newly designed, was not new at all. This space was a relocation and expansion of their previous practice located 6 miles up the road. With a renovation and expansion, and the growing market for the services they offer, the client needed and was able to add a few more exam rooms, offices and spaces which they did not previously have. This 3,000 sf space was new construction in a newly designed strip center in a developing area in St. John’s, FL.  The design of the space allows for greater flow between the patient and staff, while also incorporating multiple storage and meeting areas.

The overall feel, although a medical practice, was not intended to be sterile and institutional. The client wanted a spa-like feel for the space, using natural light and the use of neutral and light-colored materials.  Hota Design was excited to be part of their second renovation, and credit the Hello Smooth staff with trusting us with design elements and ideas which may have appeared crazy at the time, but ended up meeting and exceeding their expectations.

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